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About Us


ZeroDope redefines fitness as per the need of our today’s extremely occupied lifestyle, where we often struggle to remain holistically fit. Therefore, we have two segments to help our lives in this complex changing world – ZeroDope and Free Human. ZeroDope takes care of our physical health fitness while Free Human emphasizes on our mental wellness, which includes emotional, psychological, and social well-being. Based on our experience, we strongly believe that both physical health fitness and mental well-being are very tightly and closely linked, which was there but got clearly highlighted during Covid Pandemic, therefore both cannot be separated in our real-life scenario. One must be both mentally and physically fit to perform well in their personal, professional, social life.

At ZeroDope, we have been working very hard, studied, and applied reasons and science behind nutrition, health, and fitness since a decade. After observing the nature and behavior of clients and coaches very closely and also the eco-system of fitness industry, we have found that there are three major root causes of most of the problems, we face as a coach or a client. The problems mostly revolve around myth in nutrition and exercise, doping to achieve unrealistic and short- run goals and lastly the work culture and ethics in fitness ecosystem. These problems are often very much interlinked with each other. So, at ZeroDope we help you to become self-sufficient in a manner that you can identify, what is myth and what is fact and also we try to inculcate that a good looking muscular physique with very good body composition is attainable without any kind of doping.

Whereas Free Human is a platform which provides you a comfortable space to share your ideas, life experiences, success, and failures. In our friendly environment, you also get an opportunity to meet like-minded people to share your life and work-related thoughts and interests and gain momentum.

We strive to help you have your desired level of physical and mental wellness- whatever you want, whenever you need, wherever you are!

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