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Nutrition Counselling

Nutrition Counselling


Correct nutrition has the biggest role in improving our body composition, metabolism, and performance. Fuelling ourselves with good and quality nutrients has infinite advantages such as anti-aging, better mental health, and an active lifestyle. Sit with our experts in a zoom meeting to talk about how to make your food a combination of taste and health. Our nutrition experts are going to help you in your fat loss and muscle gain journey. They will also educate you to heal metabolically and also talk about how to manage your nutrition when suffering from any medical condition. Correct nutrition is for health and well-being, we don’t promise treatment and cure of any kind of disease.

We are the brainchild of internationally certified coaches, sports nutritionists, fitness gurus and lifestyle counsellors.We are going to help dissect your food, make you enjoy your workout and also help you to grow into a confident personality.After years of targeted research, trainings, client results and proven track record of excellence, we have designed targeted programs for all body types, we strive to help you have your desired level of physical and mental fitness- whatever you want, whenever you need, wherever you are!

Nutrition Services

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Jumpstart your fitness journey with the best nutrition & fitness experts. Work out from home, learn new skills, and get into the best shape of your life! Customized solutions for every fitness goal

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Why Choose Us

At ZeroDope, we help you to deeply understand your body type and develop a better understanding of yourself. Whether you want to gain muscles or lose weight, built stamina and strength, or want to be heard or share your story we are here, whenever you want, wherever you need. Get in touch and let’s start the journey

One to one consultation

This is one-to-one virtual counseling on zoom in which you can connect with our coaches to get your customized nutrition plan as per your goal. We believe that it is comparatively easy to follow a plan when you know the function and action of prescribed things.

Natural only

Doping means mixing of impurities, so at ZeroDope, we believe that to get a good looking healthy physique, you don’t need any kind of Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs).

Physical and mental wellness

One must be both mentally and physically fit to perform well in their professional, personal, social life and we believe that both physical health fitness and mental wellbeing are very tightly and closely linked.

Share your story at Free Human

Free Human is a virtual and physical platform, where young mind meets to share and discuss their life, their goals, success and failures, stress, personal issues, professional boundaries. We also discuss problems and challenges, we face as a society.

What People Say About It

Kashif, I truly admire you for your knowledge and really appreciate the way you always deliver much more than we expect from you. Unlike other trainers and so called "experts" who try to exploit their clients for money by prolonging the process and giving vague advice, you are completely opposite. The sense of satisfaction you feel when your clients achieve their goals is clearly visible on your face and I feel honoured to know you as a person and train with you as a friend. Thank you very much for all that you do.
Akash Gupta
When i joined gym, my main concern was to get rid off the back pain and to loose weight.You guided me and made me realise the importance of weight training and you said on day one that strength is the greatest luxury in one's life and rest will automatically follow as byproduct.
Rahul Madhur
Kashif.I have been into sports since my childhood and was lost somewhere in between considering my responsibilities after marriage. Working out with you have started making me realise that you can grow stronger at any age/time in your life if you have positive and knowledgeable people around you. Thanks for all your tips, techniques and confidence to share knowledge because it grows more if you share more. Kudos 👍
Vishal Raina
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