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I give consent to ZeroDope and Free Human for the following:

a. I understand that, ZeroDope will only provide counseling and no guarantee for medical treatment of any kind, to me or the person for whom, I am legally responsible.  

b. I understand that, the consultation will provide information and guidance about health factors that are within my control; my diet, nutrition and lifestyle. 

c. I understand that, all coaches at ZeroDope and Free Human are not a medical physician neither they claim to be one, in any situation. Therefore, any coach at ZeroDope and Free Human will not diagnose medical conditions, but will only provide nutritional support, workout support and education   for an already diagnosed condition. 

d. I understand that, nutritional and workout support would be important compliment to my health and disease management and cannot substitute for medical care.  

e. I understand that, my medical records, personal information and history disclosed during the session of ZeroDope will be kept confidential, unless I consent to sharing my medical information and personal information. 

f. I understand that, ZeroDope do not provide or suggest any kind of medicine  compound during nutrition counseling, instead ZeroDope may suggests food extracts, which comes under the category of nutraceuticals.  

g. I understand that everyone has different body type and therefore would reflect different body responses from the nutrition, workout or supplement counseling. I cannot hold ZeroDope responsible for not attaining my results. 

h. I hereby give permission to ZeroDope to post my transformation story and journey in public, without any material or non-material charges. 

i. I understand that, ZeroDope and Free Human own all the sessions, counseling and discussions, conducted online or offline. I cannot post my session or talk conducted at ZeroDope and Free Human, in my name or any other name. I need to get the permission from ZeroDope or Free Human to post my story into the public, even in the name of this organization. 

j. I understand that while participating in discussions, conversations or debates at Free Human, I am responsible for my own opinion and conversation and not Free Human. 

k. I understand that, Free Human do not endorse any kind of political parties, political opinion. Speaker themselves are responsible for their opinion and talks. Free Human is not liable to protect you from any kind of legal actions.  

l. I hereby, give permission to Free Human to post my talks online or any other kind of session conducted by Free Human. Free Human is also free to discussion your story as a case study in public. 


I, hereby release, discharge and hold harmless ZeroDope and Free Human from any claims, demands, costs, expenses and causes of actions, either in law or equity arising out of or in any way connected to services, I receive from ZeroDope and Free Human. I have read this consent form and terms contained herein carefully. I understand the terms and conditions of this agreement and voluntarily agree to be bound by them. 

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